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Founded in 2020, Tripheist vowed to change the travel industry by bringing back human connection. Throughout its journey TripHeist has managed to partner with some of the world's leading hospitality, transportation, and airline leaders. These steps were taken to usher in a new era of simple, and straightforward travel.

With truly hundreds of sites offering similar services TripHeist's founders encountered the same issue, the future was lonely and lacking assistance. Equipped with this data, TripHeist began its journey to reintroduce support to the industry in a much needed fashion.

By investing in technology, and a truly remarkable staff TripHeist has made it possible to speak to REAL agents when a human touch is needed. TripHeist brings the world's travelers, adventurers, and passengers with lasting experiences. Our wide array of awe-inspiring hotels, transportation solutions, and support help bring these experiences together.

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